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Creative Expression

Franklin Elementary School’s Creative Expressions Program is designed to implement SEL standards using the tools of mindfulness, yoga and creative expression. Creative Dance, Visual Arts, Science, Engineering, Theater, Cooking Arts and Gardening are creatively used to develop self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills and responsible decision making. In addition to the SEL goals, the program incorporates the Creative of Dance standards, PE standards,Visual Arts Standards . The program uses an integrative approach to incorporate Math, Science and Language Arts following the standards of each to provide a rich and well rounded program for Franklin students.

Franklin Elementary School’s Wellness program is committed to see that all of our students, families and staff are engaged in improving individual and community health. Student wellness focuses on choosing water, exercising the heart muscle and eating fruits and vegetables. In addition, we have a Physical FItness and Education Program (Franklin Fitness) run by a certified Physical Education Teacher) that teaches lifetime active living skills including the Franklin Five: drink water, show love & be kind, eat more fruits & veggies, cut down on salty snacks, 60 minutes of daily exercise. Staff wellness exposes staff to healthy food choices as well as tools to lower stress. Families are offered classes in yoga and stress reduction.


"Imagination" By Richard - 5th Grade

Here, 5th Grade students are using diffusion paper, crayons, and markers to create pictures that represent what joy and contentment means to them.